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The importance of getting good grades in high school

by Becky Parmiter

Hs grades

While grades are not always the perfect indicator of a person’s mental capability, high school course grades are the best way to present academic competence to educators, higher learning institutions, and prospective employers. 


Higher Learning


High school grades are one of the keys to unlocking higher education. Universities and col...

What makes different from the rest?

by Becky Parmiter

Mae tablet is an educational tool for teachers and students of all ages. It’s a complete online exam system which works across multiple platforms - mobile devices, tablets, desktops, and laptops. The benefits of taking practice exams online are already clear. As we adapt to a more technological way of life, the way we study also needs to adapt. makes it easy for stud...

5 Benefits of Online Studying

by TC


The days of studying in libraries that insist on absolute silence, hunched over falling apart books and messy handwritten notes, are long over – decades ago we began our great leap into the Information Age. Now, sitting at your computer or looking at your phone, you have access to more information about more subjects than most people in history could ever even imagine, let alone learn ...

Studying Through Exam Season Anxiety

by TC


Exam season anxiety is a well-known and common challenge for college and university students, whether you’re finishing your first semester or only a couple weeks away from finishing off your degree. While some level of stress can be helpful towards completing all your work, after a certain point it can become too much. Maybe you put off some of the readings (or all of the readings!), m...

Survival Strategies for Multiple Choice Exams

by Becky Parmiter


Exam periods are the most stressful part of the educational experience. Although multiple choice exams may feel less daunting than short essay tests, in truth, they often mean that students need to retain more detailed information about the subject matter. Multiple choice exams ask students to do more than simply memorize the material; students must be able to interpret, analyze, and apply t...

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