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Does music help you study?

by Celia Pallister

Music calm

It is becoming an increasingly common sight to see students wearing headphones in libraries and study halls. But does listening to music while studying help? While it won’t necessarily make you smarter like “the Mozart effect” (a study coined in 1991, that sparked media and public interest about the idea t...

The Benefits of Using Cell Phones in Class

by Becky Parmiter

Cellphone distraction2

Cell phones have received a bad reputation in the classroom. From concerns over using them to cheat on tests and exams, to their general ability to distract students from learning materials, cell phones have been banned in many school settings. However, if framed correctly, there are many pros to allowing cell phones in schools. They can be a valuable addition to the classroom with students ...

Friends Helping Friends Study

by TC

Study abroad problems friends

There are many ways to study, and the different ways one can study work better for different types of people. Even if you feel like one way of studying has worked well for you so far, there may be other strategies that help you excel even more, or that you find less stressful or anxiety-provoking. Or both! And different subjects cam be easier to learn by different methods, so it's an importa...

The importance of getting good grades in high school

by Becky Parmiter

Hs grades

While grades are not always the perfect indicator of a person’s mental capability, high school course grades are the best way to present academic competence to educators, higher learning institutions, and prospective employers. 


Higher Learning


High school grades are one of the keys to unlocking higher education. Universities and col...

What makes different from the rest?

by Becky Parmiter

Mae tablet is an educational tool for teachers and students of all ages. It’s a complete online exam system which works across multiple platforms - mobile devices, tablets, desktops, and laptops. The benefits of taking practice exams online are already clear. As we adapt to a more technological way of life, the way we study also needs to adapt. makes it easy for stud...

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