for high school students

by Claire Burns


High school is one of the most important times in a young person’s life. High school lays the foundation for academic success in a post secondary setting, and it is imperative that students develop excellent study habits during their time in high school. Academic success in high school is important for two main reasons. Firstly, the grades a student receives in high school will help them get into a post secondary institution of their choice.

High marks ensure that students will have the grade point average requirements necessary to be accepted into the institution of their choosing once they graduate from high school. Secondly, the study habits that are created during high school will be an asset for students once they reach a competitive post secondary setting. Knowing how to efficiently study and review material will help students succeed, and set them up for a strong post-secondary career.

So how does a high school student build these important study habits? It can be overwhelming for students to know where to start. Balancing school work, a social life, and family life can be challenging, and some students are unsure about how to approach studying. This is where can help.

Repeatedly reviewing concepts helps with knowledge retention. By creating personalized exams on, students can create personalized tests that focus on their weaker points. Self-testing can be a challenge for students, because it is easy to fall into the trap of studying what one already knows, and skipping over more difficult topics were knowledge is lacking. Making an online exam ensures that all material is given the same amount of study time, and the impartial online exam format quickly points out a weakness in a student’s knowledge. Once weaknesses are revealed, students can create exams that target their weak areas, which helps them improve their knowledge of the material.

Free users of the website have access to many convenient features. The mobile-friendly format allows high school students to test themselves on their phones, which makes studying easier. Frequent study sessions have been shown to improve knowledge retention, and the mobile format allows busy high school students to practice anywhere. Mobile access to encourages busy students to review their material anytime and anywhere, even if they do not have hours to dedicate to studying. These quick, frequent review sessions help students review, remember, and retain their class material.

Different students excel in different learning styles. allows students to customize their tests depending on which format of exam works well with their material. Different subjects are better suited to formats such as multiple choice, fill in the blanks, multiple answers, or true and false questions, and offers all of these options to ensure that its users have plenty of choices to create custom exams. The website also is able to upload images into the exams. This makes it easy for diagrams, charts, and pictures to be added to the test material.

The addition of images is especially useful for science classes, where understanding diagrams and reading charts are an essential skill. also allows students to use Mathjax software, which is an asset when studying for math courses. Many websites do not have good software for math practice exams, but is easy for students to use, no matter what courses they need to study for.

The ability to create personalized exams helps high school students study by themselves, but the website also allows correspondence between students and their teachers. Teachers who use can send messages to their students to help them study, review material, or clarify difficult concepts. This helps students understand their material, and it helps students create exams with direction from their teachers. The messaging service on ensures that teachers can work alongside their pupils to help their high school students achieve academic success.

Membership with allows students access to extra features, including the ability to create exams with over fifty questions. Members can see when other students have taken an exam they have created, and they can see detailed feedback on the content that they have made. This allows members to correspond with each other students and work together to create excellent practice exams that are both thorough and practical. Members of have access to all the other features that the website offers, along with some extra services that create an excellent group study environment.

The intuitive format of makes it easy for high school students to create practice exams for themselves and others. Once an exam is created, students have unlimited access to their review material, and they can study anywhere, from home to school, to on the go. The easy to use format of helps high school students feel confident when they review material, which leads to greater academic success and confidence. Overall, is an excellent study tool for high school students.

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