What makes MakeAnExam.com different from the rest?

by Becky Parmiter

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MakeAnExam.com is an educational tool for teachers and students of all ages. It’s a complete online exam system which works across multiple platforms - mobile devices, tablets, desktops, and laptops. The benefits of taking practice exams online are already clear. As we adapt to a more technological way of life, the way we study also needs to adapt. MakeAnExam.com makes it easy for students to take practice tests and get results instantly. In this article, we’ll examine the different features that MakeAnExam.com uses to help classrooms succeed.

Mobile Friendly

MakeAnExam.com is accessible anywhere you can connect to the internet. Not only does this mean that students can study and practice anywhere, anytime, it also means that there’s no waiting for test results, it’s all automatic. Once a student completes a test, they can get live feedback on their performance, instead of waiting for results to come out. This is a wonderful feature for students who have a jam packed schedule and need to study on the go.

This is also a helpful property for teachers. They can create updates to content while they’re away from the physical classroom or from their home. They can access their student’s performances live and provide quicker feedback to aid in their studies.

Variety of Tests Types Available

Exams and practice tests can take on multiple formats on MakeAnExam.com. While multiple choice is often the most popular form of testing one’s knowledge, it is important to keep the format of exams varied so that students get used to different ways of thinking.

Alternate test formats include Fill-in-the-blank- type questions. These are typically used to test a student’s recall aptitude. These should be used when you want learners to supply an answer based on memory.

True or False questions can be an excellent way to test content that students have just learned. By completing a quick True or False practice exam after a lecture, students can reflect on what they’ve learned and see what holes are missing in their ability to understand the content.

Multiple Answer Questions allow students to select several answers to a question. These are used when there could be more than one correct answer available. Medical students could benefit from this format. For example, a medical student may encounter a question about symptoms for a medical condition, and more often than not, there are several symptoms for any given illness. In cases like this, the student may need to select several applicable answers.

Use Mathjax software

MakeAnExam.com use MathJax software - this is an open source JavaScript display engine that allows for mathematical expressions to be written and annotated.

This is a helpful plugin for students engaged in mathematical studies where formulas can be beautifully read and touched. MathJax uses fonts to produce formulas at a high resolution, unlike mathematical software that creates images. Because Mathjax’s typesetting is text-based, instead of image-based, it means that formulas and equations are searchable through regular web engines. MathJax is also accessible to visually impaired students and can be used on a screen reader.

Upload Images

Not only does adding images to exams help student recall, images are a necessary portion of the testing process. Across most study disciplines, students will need to be able to visually recognize, choose, or correct objects in an image. For example, a biology test may ask for a student to visually identify a piece of a cell. A geography student may be asked to recognize land masses by looking at topographic maps. Kinesiology students need to be able to identify countless muscle and skeletal features by eye. As such, adding images to exams is crucial in enhancing accurate recall for students.

Take Exams

MakeAnExam.com allows students to take tests that give feedback instantaneously. Students can create their own exams, as an alternative to the old fashioned cue card practice. By creating their own exams, students are re-cementing knowledge of the content, and the information is being reinforced in their brain. By taking practice exams in advance, students also feel more confident going in for the real thing. It’s a great combatant for anxiety. Taking practice exams can help you achieve greater results when taking the real thing.

Teachers can create practice exams for students after significant lectures or as preparation for major exams. This is also an opportunity for them to observe a student’s performance and where the classroom as a whole might be having trouble with the material.

Onlne Exam

Search through exam database

Students can also search through MakeAnExam.com’s extensive inventory of exams. Pupils can share their exams with one another, in an effort to strengthen recall and problem-solving skills. There is a very good chance that through a search on the exam database, students can find tests that are made from complete strangers but could be effective to their own understanding of the subject they are studying.

Exams found in the database often include the subject matter in the title. A brief description can also be found with each result, as well as the number of questions featured in the exam. This is an excellent opportunity for students to broaden their horizons on a subject and to gain perspective on how their local and international peers are interpreting the material.

Receive Messages

MakeAnExam.com allows students and teachers to contact each other directly via the web platform. If students have a question about an exam, they can contact the exam creator or reach out to other students to connect about the material.

As a teacher, you can receive messages from your pupils and address their questions in a mainstreamed, quick platform to help them keep moving through the material. Being able to connect online expedites student’s concerns and also builds a rapport with the entire classroom.

Google Classroom Integration

Google Classroom is a free Google web service and its goal is to aid in the streamlining of sharing files between teachers and students. MakeAnExam.com has partnered with Google Classroom to be able to provide seamless assignment creation and distribution, through Google’s proprietary add-ons such as Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Calendar.

This is easy to set up for teachers who can add their students directly to an online classroom by sharing a code. There is a simple paperless workflow to create and send assignments to students. Once assignments are received back, they can be marked quickly, even automatically in many cases.

Working with Google Classroom, allows MakeAnExam.com teachers and students to communicate rapidly. Teachers are able to make announcements and start topic threads at any time.

Real-time exam administration

Classroom users are privy to automatic responses to their exams. Once a test is completed, results are feedback in real time, which helps students identify weaker spots in their learning straight away.

This also helps reduce ongoing study anxiety. By removing that awful waiting period, the band aid is ripped off and students can rationally assess what needs to happen next.

Access to forums

MakeAnExam.com has an open forum for its members, this is a place where students can discuss exam questions and results with fellow classmates. As previously mentioned, students can directly contact exam creators and their peers, but the forum is a more public way to discuss topics with multiple people feeding back into it.

This is a wonderful opportunity for students to further discuss the material that they are learning, and this can help improve test results. It also creates a much needed sense of community for those who are educating themselves.

**Please note that access to forums will not be available to free users of MakeAnExam.com after June 2019.

Post in Blogs

Students are encouraged to post material in blog format. This is an opportunity for people to step out of their comfort zones and share their own unique perspective on the material, new ideas about the content, and methodological approaches they found that have worked for them. Not only is this a great way to share information with others, it encourages students to find their own voice and really make the material work for themselves. It is a very easy way to help build confidence.

Owning your own content can help students become more attached and engaged with the material. It gives a creative outlet for those who may feel stifled. It encourages students to improve their literacy skills. And finally, it gives pupils a respectable digital presence and the ability to positively contribute to their online footprint. In our modern world, our online presence leaves traces and this is an excellent approach to creating an admirable online presence.

Create exams exceeding 50 questions

Certain courses cover a vast amount of content or call for the examination of a lot of detail. MakeAnExam.com facilitates these longer-form tests for students who may study highly specific subjects. This could be true for something like first-year psychology students. Universities often have thousands of students try for a psychology degree and to weed the serious ones out, tests can be long and intense. This could also be the case for students studying for their LSATs (Law School Admission Test), a notoriously difficult and taxing exam. By practicing with heavily loaded tests, students are better prepared to climb some of these Everest-like exams.

Remove banner ads on profile and exam pages

Upgrading to being a member eliminates pesky and detracting banner ads on your profile and on the exam pages that you visit.

Google Classroom, as part of G Suite for Education, does not show an advertisement to students and teachers. Additionally, Google Classroom user data is not scanned or used for the purpose of advertising.

See when someone has taken your exam

MakeAnExam.com notifies exam creators when someone has taken their exam. Exam creators are able to see in real time how well other students are performing on the particular test.

Detailed reports on exams

Teachers, in particular, can benefit from this feature. They are able to see the raw and live data of performance for their tests at the snap of a finger.

It should be noted that exams on this platform can be taken multiple times, with the option to reorder the questions, in an effort to help students retain the information better. Students can look at the data of their performance on a singular test to see if their success rate is increasing.

Can be used by students, educators, corporations and governments MakeAnExam.com can be used by everyone. From a grassroots perspective of students creating their own tests for themselves and for their peers, to a professional perspective where educators can better prepare students for assignments and exams, to a national perspective where corporations and governments can create practice tests for immigration applications, exam questions for potential employee candidates, and on the job training. MakeAnExam.com is for the big and the small, a universal platform for everyone who is continuing to learn.

MakeAnExam.com is the future for education. The amount of vast information available online has sparked the curiosities of people from around the world. Anything you want to know is one click away. As we turn away from traditional modes of education, the way we train and study has to adapt too.

The benefits of practice exams are massive. They are an effective way to improve knowledge and memory recall. In a study on mock exams (pdf), it was proven that students who did a mock test in advance of the exam performed better on the final than those who spent their studies simply revising material. Not to mention that if students perform badly on a practice test, they are more motivated to get themselves in a better position for the real thing.

This platform’s features allow students and teachers to access content at any time and anywhere they would like to, giving them the opportunity to study in an efficient way and recognize weak spots early on. Because all tests are shared, students are able to look at what their peers are creating, as well as what someone across the world might be studying. This provides a beautiful opportunity for self-improvement but also global educational collaboration.

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