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Transitioning From Elementary School to High School

by Becky Parmiter


Transitioning from elementary school to high school can be exciting and anxi...

16 Modern Life Hacks for Students

by Celia Pallister

Lock screen

Keeping up with life’s demands can be challenging for everyone - especially students. Are you looking for new ways to simplify and organize your life and make mundane tasks - at home and at school - easier to tackle? Then you have come to the right place. Check out these useful hacks that will help make life as a student more bearable. 

Paper vs Screen - Which is best for Learning?

by Celia Pallister


Who would have imagined 50 years ago that in the midst of the 21st Century, people would be reading the morning news on Ipads instead of newspapers and that there would be injuries such as Smartphone-related Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and Texting Thumb? (yes, apparently these actually exist...

Does music help you study?

by Celia Pallister

Music calm

It is becoming an increasingly common sight to see students wearing headphones in libraries and study halls. But does listening to music while studying help? While it won’t necessarily make you smarter like “the Mozart effect” (a study coined in 1991, that sparked media and public interest about the idea t...

The Benefits of Using Cell Phones in Class

by Becky Parmiter

Cellphone distraction2

Cell phones have received a bad reputation in the classroom. From concerns over using them to cheat on tests and exams, to their general ability to distract students from learning materials, cell phones have been banned in many school settings. However, if framed correctly, there are many pros to allowing cell phones in schools. They can be a valuable addition to the classroom with students ...

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